I’m alive!

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I just realized it’s been a VERY long time since I last updated this site.

I took a break from Photography due to selling most of my equipment in order to wait for a possible Canon 5D Mark III or equivalent camera.  I’ve also sold my 70-200 lens and will pick up the newer version when I get a new camera most likely, if the rumored 24-70 IS doesn’t come out before that.  I kept the flash of course!  But that’s my Photography update.  Big purchases coming down the line, depending on which comes first.  If the 5D is still released and the 24-70 IS comes, I might pickup a 5D Mark II if it’s a great deal like it was recently.

In other news, I’ll be on vacation for the month of July, heading back to Bermuda for most of July and should be a great visit to see George & Sandy and spend some time with my Wonderful girlfriend Lisa.

So there it is, an update after almost a year.  And when the new Camera is purchased, I’m going to try and do at least a Photo a week if not more / week and update on a regular basis.

More pictures

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I’ve added some more images to a new gallery.
It was my Niece’s 3rd Birthday and we had a great little day visiting.  So feel free to check out the gallery.

In other news, finished reading up Pygmy and it was a nice quick read.  Was expecting a bit more from the ending, but it was almost predictable once you hit the last few pages.  Going back to reading my Clive Barker book that I’ve been reading on/off for the past year or so.  So time to finally finish that off and hopefully by the end of the month Dean Koontz’s 3rd book of Frankenstein (Dead and Alive) is out and I can finished up the series after waiting a long 3+ years!

More updates!

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In the process of yet again updating the page/theme/layout.

Hoping to start taking more Photos once the weather gets a bit better!  -20°C before Windchill is just a bit too cold for my likes!

Enjoy the new layout!

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