Lemons, make lemonade!

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During the month of December I was diagnosed with another small lesion on my Brain Stem.  Since then I’ve started Chemotherapy which last for a year, 5 days of Chemo Pills and then 3 weeks off.

Just another wrench thrown into the mix, remaining positive, the 1st session was not easy, but the 2nd has been a lot easier.  And 10 more to go!

Visit to the CNE

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Visited the CNE the other evening.  Luckily didn’t over-indulge and try the Cronut burger that made lots of people ill.


Galleries added!

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Last week I took a ride over to the Toronto Islands, since I look at them everyday with my wonderful view.

I took my Puppy over for a nice stroll around the whole Island, took about 4hrs or so.

Hard are some Photos from that visit.

Today I visited the Toronto Zoo and took a few photos.  I was really wishing I had the 70-200 2.8 v2 in my arsenal, the extra reach would of done nicely!

Here are some Photos from today’s visit.

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