Vacation, Lens, Life!

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Been back at work for a week now.  Had an amazing vacation in Bermuda with my girlfriend!  I honestly wish I was still on vacation, but if you were always on vacation you wouldn’t enjoy them as much :)

Enjoying the last of the Dean Koontz Frankenstein book series, a third through it and I can’t put it down at times.  I think tonight I’ll try and finish at least another 1/3.

And on the Photography side of things.  I’m now the proud owner of a Canon 70-200 2.8L IS USM.  This is my first major camera related purchase and of course my first L series lens from Canon.  I can’t wait to shoot with it.  I’m also picking up my first real flash, so sick of the crappy built in flash that comes on cameras over the years.  Picking up a Canon Speedlite 580EX II.  Now to do some true learning and of course real shooting!

I hope to have some images up in the next few weeks, showing off what I’m shooting and what I’ve learned!

Gallery again!

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Well, I’m switched up the Gallery.
Now using another method, not fully inegrated to the site, but I feel it suits the photos more that way.

Made it so a new window opens for each gallery and this way I can easily update the galleries as they become available, hope you enjoy it!

Old Photos added…

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Uploading some of my older Photos from my old Canon SD100 and G2.

Just some pictures I’ve taken over the years, feel free to check them out in the Gallery!

Hopefully will be adding some new images in the near future from my Canon EOS 40D.

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